Why ihateveggies?

I know what you are thinking. What a weird name - and I would agree with you!

Vegetables are my kryptonite. Try as my parents may, there was no convincing me that a broccoli floret was a little tree or that spinach would make me as strong as Popeye. But when it came to cakes and me, like most children, we were fast friends. Now with two boys of my own, I'm trying to come to terms with prime produce from leafy greens to root vegetables and everything in between, for their sake. And I've even been known to mix certain garden varieties including carrots into a cake or two-upon request that is.

About me

Mrs.Ihateveggies Michelle

Some artists spend time in their studio sculpting with clay. For me, it's my kitchen that serves as my creative space and fondant is my medium of choice. While baking celebration cakes for my family and a few close friends, I realized that designing cakes might just feed my appetite for another creative outlet.

Now, nearly a decade later, whether I'm whipping up a batch of cake pops or beating butter into a cloud-like frosting I'm enjoying every minute of it. Taking my passion for creating delightful cakes, I Hate Veggies Cakes has allowed me to deliver the delight that I have in the kitchen right into your home with whatever custom-ordered confections you can dream up to celebrate your occasion.



Cake Lover

I have always gone to Michelle for my son's birthday cakes. Not only does she do amazing detailed cakes she has also been able to cater to my sons many food allergies. Nothing makes him happier then being able to eat the same cake as everyone else. I highly recommend ordering from her.

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