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Fun, Fresh and Full-On Delicious

Whether you're planning a fifth or fiftieth birthday celebration, wedding or silver anniversary, "IHateVeggies Cakes" offers custom-designed cakes that will knock the icing off of any other bakery confection. In fact, because we truly believe that your cake should reflect the uniqueness of your special occasion, you'll never slice into another one that's exactly alike. It's not because we can't bake identical twin cakes, we could if you really begged us but we'd rather work with you to produce something truly original. We can't help it we're quirky that way and if you've found us you probably are too.

While we're clearly out-of-the-box bakers that doesn't mean we rule out classic cake varieties including chocolate and vanilla. We've even been known to bake a carrot cake -vegetables and all- true story - don't tell anyone.

No matter what your taste in cakes, we promise to use the finest, fresh ingredients that will satisfy your sweet tooth. That said, we won't promise we'll cure your cake craving. Come on, we're cake bakers; that just wouldn't be right! In fact, we're pretty sure you'll be hankering for more!

We offer

Fun and whimsical creations for all occassions.

  • Custom Cakes
  • Cup Cakes
  • Cake Pops
  • Wedding Figures

What's wrong with Veggies?

Doc Oz explains in Esquire magazine.

Taste buds are inherited, not developed, and about half the population gets them in one of two extremes: There are supertasters, who have a higher concentration of taste buds than the average person and therefore experience taste more profoundly. And then there are undertasters, who, not surprisingly, have a below-average number and require more flavor - and often more food - to satiate their taste buds.

I am a supertaster - and I do not enjoy the vegetables but those super tastebuds love cake!

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